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Loop's Covid-19 Response

Due to the early closure of Schools and Social Distancing measures Loop Coding Center has made adjustments to it's Workshops and Classes. Which means the start of a new online video series to replace Workshops and Virtual Classes to replace the normal ones for the time being.
How we teach

Design First

With a focus on STEAM Skills students are sure to find a productive niche that fits their skills

Additive Learning

All Learning is paced to grow on top of skills taught in K-12 and from previous Lessons

Autonomy Focus

The end goal in the Loop Curriculum is for our students to actively seek knowledge and skills on their own accord.

Learn in groups

Communication skills are as equally as important as the technical skills which is why Loop focuses on project based learning for students.

Why code?

As everything moves to the digital world learning to code has become a new the new reading! In either the case of a novice or a pro practice in coding can help with logic and communication skills

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