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Q + A

What is the cost of the workshops?

Workshops are and will always be free.

Can I see my student’s work?

Yes, students get to keep their projects and code. There is also a demo day at the end of the program to showcase everyone's projects.

Who teaches the coding courses?

Our courses are taught by an expert developer who has a vast knowledge of programming background. Most importantly, our instructor is very good at understanding and connecting with every student and learning their comfort level to be able to excel more.

What level of coding should students have?

Any level! We have worked with students who have zero programming experience all the way to students who are very comfortable starting a project alone. We understand each student is unique which means their learning experience should also be unique and fun.

Do students need their own laptops?

Not necessary! Not having a laptop, shouldn't stop students from learning. We will happily provide laptops and any other resources the student might need while taking a workshop or class with us. For those students who have a laptop, feel free to bring them with you!

Can a non-profit or for-profit business sponsor a small group of students in another class?

Absolutely! We have worked with non-profit who sponsor groups of students. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity

Do you offer discounts to non-profits?

Absolutely! We offer various discounts to non-profits that choose to work with us. Get in touch and we can discuss pricing options for your organization.

What if we need something slightly different from what you offer?

We love innovation and a new challenge, so if you believe there could be potential for us to work together we would most definitely listen to your wants, needs, and suggestions to come up with a new program.

Do you run programming for adult learners?

While we strongly believe there is a big need for adults to learn how to code, our main focus is youths. We are very good friends with organizations that are teaching adults how to code, so feel free to let us know if you would like us to make the connection.

What is the process for a partnership?

Although it varies from organization to organization, we have a very simple structure. We love hearing your story and how our programs can fulfill your wants and needs. Feel free to shoot us an email to get the conversation started!

How can we sign up for a free workshop?

You have three options. 1. go to the workshops page and see the calendar. 2. Visit our Eventbrite (include hyperlink) page to see all the workshops and sing up. 3. follow us on Facebook to stay updated on the upcoming workshops, classes, and events.